I’m involved in a lot of different projects from add-ons to games, It’s a good way to stay informed on new development features and improve my skills.


As as early NodeJS user, I made several modules I published on NPM.

In particular, I like make JavaScript parsers (CSV, VarStream, SVG…), work with streams, make plugins and tools for developers.

Web apps

I also build HTML5 games for fun and skills, like:

I sometimes make some apps during hackathons with friends:

And other wierd stuff:

Firefox / Chrome / Opera add-ons

If you are old enough and used to work with SEO/web contents, you may have used some of my now unmaintained Firefox add-ons (KGen, BBComposer, BugMeBack et CanImage), may they rest in peace.

CapsKiller, a Thunderbird add-on, is still alive but no maintenance either.

At the moment, only the Chrome version of BugMeBack and KGen seems live but with no maintenance either.

And many more

You can get the source of my public projects in my GitHub home.

You can also find open-source projects I made for my successive employers: Sencrop, 7Digital and SimpliField.