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Watching Your NodeJS Projects's Dependencies The Easy Way

⚠ Beware: This article is outdated. The watchdep approach is not relevant anymore since you can subscribe to versions only reducing noises of listening to the entire project's activity.

# TL; DR:
npm install -g watchdeps
cd myproject && watchdeps -u username

Since NPM made easy the dependency management, we tend to use a lot of third party code. That's a good thing. Keep not repeating yourself.

With great powers comes great responsibility Source MTV

That said, embedding third party code is not just about npm installing modules.

As developers, we're responsible of listening to new versions, changes, issues etc. of that code.

Since I couldn't accept spending my lifetime doing the following:

Animation showing the GitHub watch action

I created a simple CLI utility called watchdeps. It just watch every dependencies of a Node project for you by simply running one command.

sudo npm i -g watchdeps
cd myproject/
watchdeps -u nfroidure


That's it! All your dependencies with a GitHub repository associated are now watched and you'll know everything about its evolution. Simple enough?

Published at dimanche 8 mars 2015 à 11:07:32.