I’m involved in a lot of different projects from add-ons to games, It’s a good way to stay informed on new development features and improve my skills.


As as early NodeJS user, i made several modules i published on NPM.

In particular, i like make JavaScript parsers (CSV, VarStream, SVG…), work with streams, make plugins and tools for developers.

Web apps

I also build HTML5 games for fun and skills, like:

I sometimes make some apps during hackathons with friends:

And other wierd stuff:

Firefox / Chrome / Opera add-ons

In my spare time I like to experiment add-ons coding on modern browsers. It’s an occasion to free myself of the odd Internet Explorer compatibility issues ;). You probably already heard about some of those add-ons: KGen, BBComposer, BugMeBack and CanImage.

But also for Thunderbird:

And many more

You can get the source of my public projects in my GitHub home.

You can also find open-source projects I made for my successive employers: Sencrop, 7Digital and SimpliField.

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